What do you mean virtual?!

Hey everyone, Draggor here! By now you probably know that we’re moving to a virtual event for 2021. This means we’ll be having our event on platforms like Youtube, twitch.tv, discord, and possibly other places!. While we know it won’t be the same as swarming Brookfield together, littering the hotel with mannequin parts, but the staff of Fur Squared are trying their hardest to bring our strange selves in full to an online-only event. And just as before, we need you to help bring this event to life?

How? By clicking here to submit a panel!

This new website is going to be the home of our ongoing updates, and you can also follow along on twitter. We’re going to be updating this website as we develop our attemmpt at a virtual convention, so be sure to keep coming back! And who knows, there might even be other nifty things going on as well.

More broadcasts soon! ~Draggor