Programming Tracks at Fur Squared

We’ve been hard at work testing (and breaking, and fixing, and…) the platform we’ll be using for Virtual Fur Squared 2021. Now that we better understand the platform we’ll be using, we can finally announce details about what Programming will look like for Fur Squared 2021!

At a high level, Fur Squared will be streaming two separate programming tracks: A Main Events stream full of the hilarity and madness you’ve come to expect from us, and a brand new Artists & Dealers Track! Additionally, we will maintain a schedule of Secondary Events hosted by members of the fandom, for a total of three programming tracks.

Main Events Track

As mentioned, this track will be full of the usual hilarity and madness you’ve come to expect from our convention. This is our primary paneling track, and will consist of scheduled panels both live and pre-recorded. The typical panel time slot will be 50 minutes to accommodate all the necessary back-end finagling we need to do between panels. During the 10 minute interval between panels, we will be running entertaining interstitials, informational bumps, and community-submitted commercials to help highlight creators in the fandom that may be struggling right now (submissions opening soon).

Are panel submissions still open?

Yes! Click here to learn more about Virtual Fur Squared Programming. Please note: We plan to close submissions at the end of November (a month earlier than normal!) to allow proper lead time for both us and our panelists.

Artists & Dealers Track

We’ve been in contact with many of the fandom’s artists and creators to learn how we can best support them.  If you’ve seen our Twitter lately, you might already have an idea of what’s going to happen.

We’re working hard to try to recreate the same experience of walking into the Artist’s Alley or Dealer’s Den, browsing creators’ wares, and, of course, trading over money for that sweet furry merch.  You’ll be able to watch artists create, listen to musicians perform, and much more at our virtual Dealer’s Den.  

Our Artists & Dealers Track will feature more than just visual artists. We’d love to also help spotlight musical talents, writers and poets, merch makers, and more.  We’ve got some fun surprises in store, and we’re super excited for you to see what we’ve got coming up!

Interested in applying to be an artist, dealer, or musician? Watch this website and our Twitter for further announcements!

Secondary Events Track

At our in-person convention, we have over 100 hours of programming spread across some dozen panel rooms. Unfortunately, we simply do not have the means to provide such extensive programming while also running a virtual event for the first time. As a compromise, we have created the Secondary Events Track. If you submit a panel that is accepted as a secondary event, we will have it listed on the official schedule and will advertise for it, but we will not directly host it ourselves. Instead, we will point attendees to your event, be it on YouTube, Twitch, Picarto, or elsewhere.

We will have more details on how this will work Soon. In the meantime, if you have a programming idea, please see the link above to submit it before the end of November!

Image Credit

“Business Calendar & Schedule” by photosteve101 is licensed under CC BY 2.0