Our schedule of events is now posted at https://fursquared.com/schedule

This year, we have four different programming tracks. To recap:

  1. Main Events: Streamed here on our website, Main Events has the usual hilarity and madness you’ve come to expect from Fur Squared!
  2. Secondary Events: We received a lot more panels than we could fit in a single stream. To preserve what little is left of our staff’s sanity, we’ve opted to have these panelists host their events on their own channels. We’ll provide links to these events closer to the event, so you can check out a wide variety of different content!
  3. Artists & Dealers: This track spotlights all of the artists in the fandom, be they visual artists, writers, musicians, or otherwise! Hosted here on the Fur Squared website, this stream is separate from Main Events and will broadcast a “multistream” of various artists doing live work, with links to their individual channels. This channel will also be home to a number of panels, including concerts and writing workshops. Please check it out, and help support our fandom’s artists during a difficult time.
  4. Tabletop Gaming: Board games and tabletop RPGs have always been a big part of Fur Squared, and this year is no different. These tracks list games to be hosted by several Gamemasters, all of which will be available to play on the Fur Squared Discord! We’ll be publishing a link to the Discord soon.

We hope you’ll tune in and check out some of your returning favorites, as well as some new panels made possible by the virtual nature of this year’s event! We think this year will still have that same Fur Squared touch you look forward to every year.