For 2022, Fur Squared is celebrating the fandom contributions of Rafferty and Sin! Both creators will be featured in the Fur Squared Dealer’s Den as well as in various panels throughout the weekend.

Norman Rafferty is one of the founding members of Sanguine Games, where he writes, draws, pastes up, marks down, and gets things done. His projects include Ironclaw, Urban Jungle, Farflung, Madcap, Albedo: Platinum Catalyst, and Usagi Yojimbo RPG. He is mainly active at night. Rafferty can be found online at: Sanguine, Twitter and Discord.


SIN is a creator of big buff monsters, writes stories that goes along with them, sticker designer and graphic designer. Their current work is working on a sci-fi Visual Novel called MELT. Summon them when you need a tentacle fix. Sin can be found online at: Twitter, Ko-Fi and Patreon.