Enter the Seat Lotto for Friday via Telegram!
Available Thursday night only, and only over the Artist Alley Telegram Channel -https://t.me/artistalleyf2updates

  Friday Saturday Sunday
Sign Up 12:00 PM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM
Lotto/Setup 12:30 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM
Open to Public 1:00 PM 11:00 AM 11:00 AM
Close 5:00 PM 6:00 PM 3:00 PM
Sign Up 12:00 PM
Lotto/Setup 12:30 PM
Open to Public 1:00 PM
Close 5:00 PM
Sign Up 10:00 AM
Lotto/Setup 10:30 AM
Open to Public 11:00 AM
Close 6:00 PM
Sign Up 10:00 AM
Lotto/Setup 10:30 AM
Open to Public 11:00 AM
Close 3:00 PM

**Please remember to check out at the info desk when you leave the alley for the day!**
This way, people on the waiting list can participate, AND you get the opportunity to sign up for the next day’s lotto without having to wake up extra early. It’s a win-win!

How to Participate:
- The Artist Alley runs on a lottery system.
- Sign up in-person 30 minutes before Setup, or when you check out the previous day. This is done at the Artist Alley Info Desk, right outside of the Artist Alley.
- The Lotto will run when the Alley opens for Setup.
- If your name is chosen in the lotto, you get 30 minutes to set up. If you haven’t checked in
and claimed your table before the Artist Alley opens to the public, you have a 15 minute
grace period to do so before your spot is forfeited and given to the next person on the
- Waitlisted people will be contacted via Text/Telegram when a spot opens up.

Info we’ll need from you:
- Badge Name
- Badge Number
- Telegram Handle or Phone Number

Rules and Other Info
- Please keep your area clean
- Each person gets ½ of a table
- Cover those bits. Minors will be present at the con, so please have NSFW pieces clearly marked and censored.
- If you’re away from your table for more than 30 minutes, your spot will be forfeited to the next person on the waiting list. Some exceptions may apply - come talk to us at the desk if you’ll be away for a while. You’re not a prisoner, but we want to make sure that the small space can cater to as many artists as possible over the weekend, and abandoned tables are discouraging to both commissioners and those on the waitlist.
- There will be no access to electrical outlets. Having a portable power bank is highly
- A communal laminator will be set up at the Info desk. Lamination sheets will be provided
for a $1 donation to the charity, or you can bring your own.
- Do not post things on walls.
- Please use headphones if you’d like to listen to music
- Keep displays at a reasonable height - about 2 standard gridwall cubes [14x14 inches] high.
- Don’t starve yourself, but please keep food and drinks off the tables to protect yours and others’ artwork! Open drink cups without lids are not ideal.
- Please keep “merch” [clothing, fursuit parts/props, bags, pillows, etc] to an absolute minimum.
The general guideline is that you should be able to work on what you’re selling at your table [generally, drawings]. Small, supplemental items [stickers, keychains, etc.] are allowed, but should not be the main focus. There are of course exceptions to the rule [i.e. if you’re drawing on t-shirts at your table and finishing them at the con, then selling clothing would be allowed]. If you have questions about whether or not your items fall in the guidelines, please email art@fursquared.com before the con or find SIN, MLW, or other Artist Alley Staff in-person by the Artist Alley Info Desk.

This year announcements will be made through telegram! Go to https://t.me/artistalleyf2updates to keep yourself updated!

Be Kind. Have Fun. Make Bank.
Good Luck!