Artist's Alley

Artist's Alley

Artist's Alley Rules and Regulations 2017

Fursquared Artists' Alley

Hours of Operation:

Sign Up: 10-11pm, Brookfield 2
Set Up: 11pm-12pm, Brookfield 2
Open Hours: 12pm-7pm, Brookfield 2

Sign Up: During open hours on Friday
Set Up: 10am-11am, Brookfield 2
Open Hours: 11pm-7pm, Brookfield 2

Sign Up: During open hours on Saturday
Set Up: 10am-11am, Brookfield 2
Open Hours: 11pm-5pm, Brookfield 2

How It Works:
To enter Artists' Alley, artists must first sign up for a daily lottery to acquire a half table; a different lottery for each day of the convention. To sign up, simply give your badge name and phone number to the alley staff during sign up hours before the room opens on Friday, or at any time during open hours. Sign-ups for subsequent days will be accepted during open hours, or as artists check out for the day. You may add your name to the lottery for the next day or the standby list for the current day if the room is full. Names are drawn randomly for fairness in seating each day. Standby artists who were not seated will be automatically entered for the next day, unless specified otherwise.

Please note: Artists must be present and signed in and at their table when the Alley opens. Any artist not present will be placed on standby, and the seat given to an artist that is waiting. Artist Alley seats cannot be reserved before or after the convention.

To further clarify: There are two categories after the lottery drawing. Seated and Standby.

If an artist is seated, he or she must arrive prepared with any required supplies to work before opening (A half hour is recommended.) From there, each seated artist will be assigned a number and will be allowed to seat themselves in the Alley room.

If an artist is placed on Standby, Artists' Alley staff will contact each artist on the list in the order the lottery picked them, as seats become available. Artists then have fifteen minutes to respond to our call (Both a shout to the local area and a phone call) and arrive, or the vacant seat will be given to the next artist on our list who is prepared and present. Please be aware that Artists' Alley staff cannot control when and where vacant spaces become available, and could occur at any time during open hours.

Standby artists are strongly encouraged to drop by the Artists' Alley staff desk and leave proper contact information to ensure they can be reached when a table becomes available. If the standby list is empty, any available seats are handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Artist Alley staff desk.

As each day comes to the designated closing hours, verbal warnings will be given by staff to the room. When close is announced, final transactions must be completed and each artist must clean up after themselves, removing all of their supplies from the room, and cleaning up their table and floor space.

Be respectful of your fellow artists regarding sound.  If you have any media playing please use headphones.

Leaving the Space:

All artists must remain seated behind their tables during open hours. Artists that wish/need to leave for any reason have fifteen minutes leave time from their tables. This can include meals, restroom breaks, meetings with commissioners/friends, medical needs and so on. We understand that there are a number of things to do at a convention at any given time, but if an artist needs to leave for a time longer than fifteen minutes, we ask them to sign out and place their names back into the lottery for that day if they intend to return. (Please note that Artists with disabilities requiring more time will be permitted to do so.)

Fur Squared is NOT responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged goods. Please designate someone to watch your posessions at your table spot if you are concerned about this.

Any time you leave, whether it be for the day or for a break, you must check out with the Artist's Alley Director.

Ratings and Minors:
All artists must be aware of minors in their space and are responsible for censoring artwork. Minor badges are clearly marked, so artists are aware of their appearance. Artists that sell, commission or display any adult work to a minor will be asked to leave the Artist's alley immediately and will not be allowed to return for the rest of the convention. That being said, artwork on display that contains adult material must be censored appropriately.

Artists under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Sales and Merchandise:

No sales of non-original or pre-made items are allowed. These are items that are produced in sizeable quantity before the convention, such as prints, bookmarks, posters, pins, patches, portfolios, calendars, luggage tags, et cetera. These things are restricted for sale in the Dealer's Den only. However, pre-made con badges and commissions brought for pickup do not apply. Artist's Alley is intended primarily to be for art created and commissioned at Fur Squared. The convention is not responsible for your tax obligations in the State of Wisconsin.

Artists are encouraged to get the contact information of their patrons if they won't be able to finish their commissioned art pieces that day, as space and placement for the next day isn't guaranteed. Commissioners are also encouraged to get the contact information for any artist they commission as Fursquared cannot provide this information in the case that an artist did not complete the work at the convention.

Only artwork created by the seated artist may be sold. Artists' Alley is not meant to be a free alternative to the Dealers Den. For that reason we cannot accept agents, or people reselling another artist's work for them. If there are any doubts that work is appropriate, please contact the Artist Alley staff before the convention.

Artwork must be appropriate to a furry convention space, and no more than half of an artist's displayed artwork may be non-fandom related.

Sales are only allowed in Artist's Alley rooms. Artists may not set up and make sales in other convention spaces unless they are upgraded to a Dealers table. Any artist in violation will immediately lose Artist's Alley privileges, and as this is a violation of Fursquared's Code of Conduct, may lose convention privileges, up to and including expulsion from the convention premises.

As the Artists' Alley does not require tax forms like those in the Dealers Den, Fursquared has chosen to exclude all forms of pre-made merchandise, including prints, from being sold in the Alley space.

Food and Drink:
Beverages are allowed in each of the Alley room in closed containers only. Beverages in cups or cans are not allowed. All drinks must be sealed when not being consumed to prevent accidental spills. Candy and other finger foods may be offered by artists, provided they are in wrappers of some kind. Water cups or bottlers are permitted for the production of art. Alcohol is strictly banned in the Alley space.

The Final Word:
The Artists' Alley Staff has the final say on anything not immediately covered by the rules in any section of this document and are responsible for resolving any disputes regarding it. Violation of these terms and guidelines could lead to disciplinary action up to removal from Artist's Alley or removal from the convention. You have agreed to abide by the above rules by signing up for and occupying a table.

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