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Fursuit Photoshoot!

Our fantastic batch of skilled photografurs have finished the hard work of editing and compiling all the pictures from the fursuit Photoshoot, so if you stopped by, it's time to see your super professional pictures!


Hey guys, 2017 Fur Squared is done and I'd like to go to sleep! Before that though, if you guys would fill out our feedback form to let us now how we did, I'd be an extra happy skunk! Click the big old link down here to do it!

Introducing the Warm 'n' Fuzzies

Around the con you might see some folks with a bright pink shirt that says Warm n Fuzzies. They're a new department at FurSquared aimed to help foster a safe environment at the convention. You can approach them with questions about our code of conduct or any incident that is hurting your convention experience. Be sure to say hello to Aevin, Martini, Pixx, Draggor, or the other volunteers in their bright pink Warm n Fuzzies shirts.

Pre Registration Closes @ Midnight, Friday February 17


Merry New Year and on to Fur Squared 2017!

Welcome to 2017!  That means Fur Squared is very soon, so make sure you've got your stuff together!