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Welcome to the Adventure!

Hey everyone! 

My blerg

So yeah, now I have a user account and can, like, do stuff with it.  I'm a fan of doing stuff, so that's why this is here.  You can't comment on my stuff though, I'm all meh like that.


So we have a plan here.

Homepage working like a charm

Just your friendly neighborhood codeskunk checking in. After a little bit of fanagling I managed to get the 5 most recent newsposts to appear on the front page of the site. This might still be too many as we've all agreed the homepage shouldn't scroll. However, the monitor I'm using today is a bit on the large side resolution-wise, so it's a little hard to test for what number of posts is optimal. Not to mention each newspost will likely not be the same length. In any case, it's nice to have that bulleted list of setup options out of the way. 

Reg is srs bsns

As Director of Registration I am adding a newspost to the registration category to see what it looks like. I hope it is cool.