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A New Name for a New Con

I am sure some of you have noticed that we have changed our name from F-Squared to Fur Squared.  In an attempt to be as transparent in our motives as possible, I just wanted to let everyone know what happened. F^2 is the name of an investment firm. When we first created the convention we had never heard of them, nor did their name come up on the simple Google search we ran. The day after we rolled out the web site I was watching CNN at work, and they were interviewing a broker from a company called F^2 Investments… Rage shortly followed. So here we are, the con formally known as F^2.

Registration and Email Restored and Domain Change Oh My!

Hey everyone, there was a minor little bug in registration, and it seems we've got it ironed out.  Again, do check and confirm your registrations and bank statements!

Registration Temporarily Down

We're looking into some issues that involve duplicate charges and sometimes errors showing up for folk. Please check your credit card statements if you've been double charged and let us know!