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Fur Squared 2018 is less than a week away and we're terrified! While we're cowering due to a looming wave of RESPONSIBILITY, check out some of the fun events we'll have at the con! 

Fursuit Photoshoot!

Our fantastic batch of skilled photografurs have finished the hard work of editing and compiling all the pictures from the fursuit Photoshoot, so if you stopped by, it's time to see your super professional pictures!


Hey guys, 2017 Fur Squared is done and I'd like to go to sleep! Before that though, if you guys would fill out our feedback form to let us now how we did, I'd be an extra happy skunk! Click the big old link down here to do it!

Fur Squared 2017: Furday the 13th!

Hey everyone!

New Website Coming Soon

I'm sure you're as excited as we are for Fur Squared 2017: Furiday the 13th! However, you'll notice our website is a little out of date at the moment! We've had a very hectic few months, but we should be launching the new website for 2017 soon! Follow us on social media for the latest!