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Fur Squared 2014 has finally come to a close, and it has been unreal running a convention for you guys. We hope you enjoyed yourselves thoroughly and we'll see you again next year! In the meantime, let us know what we did right and what we could improve on by filling out our handy-dandy feedback form located here!

We'll be at Fur Reality, plus con picture progress

Alkali and Xander will be at Fur Reality this weekend promoting Fur Squared! They will be hosting Who's Lion, The Dragget Show Live, Lupis in Tabula & more. This will give you a taste of some of the programming that will be at Fur Squared! Be sure to ask them about the con if you have any questions.

Also, Xander has been working on the con picture and it's coming along! If you want to be in it, be sure to super sponsor preregister (only $100) today! Don't worry about room in the pic, it will get as big as it needs to be, and you will recieve a printout of the picture at the con!

Supersponsorship gets you in the picture!

That's right!  If you preregister the $100 Super Sponsorship, YOU will be included in the official "Founding Fathers" con picture with the rest of the staff!
an advertisement for supersponsorship of the con pic, placeholders will be replaced with YOUR characer!