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The Heroes of Fur Squared

Our very own Xander the Blue is doing another picture, this time it being The Heroes of Fur Squared!  If you preregister, you can have your fursona join the battle, whose progress is being depicted below (click to open full size):


Fur Squared 2014 has finally come to a close, and it has been unreal running a convention for you guys. We hope you enjoyed yourselves thoroughly and we'll see you again next year! In the meantime, let us know what we did right and what we could improve on by filling out our handy-dandy feedback form located here!

Upgrades Now Available!

Salutations fuzzbutts!

Additional Super Sponsor Bonus!

We have realized amongst ourselves that important information for Super Sponsors was missing, so here it is:  Not only do you get to be in the founder's picture (so long as you pre-register), but you'll be receiving a print copy of it as well!  That's right!  You get to be in it and get your own copy!  So spread the word, and get in on this sweet deal!

Apply to be a dealer now!

Attention sellers of things! When you sell your things, don't you wish it could be at your very own marvelous table in the dealer's den at Fur Squared 2014? Well, oddly specific daydreams aside, now is your time to shine! We've opened our dealer's application that you can access through this handily giant link: