Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The following general rule supersedes all others listed below and may be invoked at any time:

Any action or behavior that causes significant interference with convention operations, excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects Fur Squared's relationship with its guests, its venues or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in permanent suspension of membership.


The primary purpose of Fur Squared is for our attendees to have fun. To ensure that the greatest number of people achieve this objective we have established certain rules of conduct. By them we seek only to ensure that the behavior of any one small group does not disturb the membership as a whole, nor does it detract from the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of the convention. Fur Squared welcomes all parties with an interest in anthropomorphic animals; however, the convention's management reserves the right to deny or revoke the membership of any individual at any time for any reason.

The parent company, Con Glomerate, also reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior or posted notice and reserves the sole right of interpretation. In any dispute, the general rule above will apply. If you have any questions, please contact the convention operations staff for assistance.

Anyone who accepts a membership badge agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Con Glomerate from any claim for personal injuries or other damages or equity arising out of any individual's activities at Fur Squared, even if such injury or damage is caused by negligence by or on the part of Con Glomerate

As a condition of membership, all Fur Squared attendees are required to abide by these standards of conduct for the entire duration of their stay, even prior to Opening or after Closing Ceremonies.

General Rating of the Convention:

Fur Squared seeks to make its staff members available to its attendees. Staff members will be wearing special badges to indicate their status. If you have a problem, please alert a member of staff to the issue.

All convention areas are considered to be "PG" at all times, with the exception of events or exhibits that are specifically noted to be inappropriate for minors and access to which is controlled by Fur Squared Security staff.

Attendees, when in public areas, may not wear clothing which is overly revealing or inappropriate to the atmosphere of the convention, such as fetish-related garb and accoutrements. Collars and pup hoods are acceptable and are worn by numerous attendees as a fashion statement. Leashes may be worn decoratively, but not held by another person. Holding a leash for a short photo is permitted.

Shirts, pants/shorts, and footwear must be worn when in areas of the hotel or convention center that are accessible to non- Fur Squared attendees, such as lobbies, restaurants and concourses, except for the pool area.

Full-body fursuits are excluded from the "shirts/pants/footwear" rule, provided that the costume is not unacceptably revealing. Certain accoutrements such as leashes may be included as part of a costume at the discretion of the Security Staff. For safety reasons, fursuits are not permitted in the hotel swimming pool or dining areas.

Public displays of affection beyond what is appropriate for polite company are frowned upon. You will be asked to express your devotion to your significant other either in less conspicuous ways, or in private.

Public Decorum:

No items of any kind, including paper airplanes, may be thrown or dropped from the hotel or Convention Center balconies or patios.

No water pistols, silly string, or any thrown or projectile-type toy may be used in any area of the hotel or Convention Center.

For safety reasons, only handheld glowsticks are permitted in the dances. Glowsticks on strings or on polearms must be cleared with Security staff before being used. The decision of the Security staff on any particular item will be final.

No sleeping in the lobby, the hallways, the meeting rooms or the Zoo. Get a room, please!

Fur Squared attendees must abide by instructions given by Fur Squared Security staff. Failure to do so will result in loss of membership privileges. Any disputes or concerns may be addressed onsite at Convention Operations.

Fur Squared functions are open only to members, and all attendees should wear their membership badges at all times. A badge is valid only for the person to whom it was issued; badges may not be shared under any circumstances.

Convention attendees must wear their official convention badge at all times while in public convention areas, and it must be shown upon request to any member of convention staff, security, hotel staff, or law enforcement. Your badge will contain a badge name of your choosing (subject to staff approval), as well as a unique number. Altering convention badges in such a manner as to permanently obscure any of these elements renders the badge unusable. If your badge becomes unusable or is lost, it will be replaced at a rate of $20.00 U.S. per badge. Any person found using a counterfeit badge, using a badge not belonging to them, or making copies of their badge for others will have their membership revoked and will be asked not to return during that year or subsequent years.

Attendance by Minors:

Anyone who is under the age of 18 years at any time during the convention must present a signed and notarized parental permission form unless accompanied by a parent or able to produce evidence of legal emancipation. There are no exceptions.

Teenagers ages 13 and up may attend Fur Squared without a parent. However, at registration, they must present government-issued photo-ID stating their legal name and birth date and a "Parental Consent For Minor To Attend Fur Squared" form signed by their parent or legal guardian and notarized by a Notary Public.

Any attendee under the age of 18 may be designated a “Kid In Tow”, or KIT: The guardian is the attendee buying a badge, and may have at most two KIT badges associated. The KIT must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times in any official convention area including, but not limited to, the Dealer's Den, Con Suite, Special Events, all panels, and dances. Parents and guardians will be held responsible for damage or problems caused by their child.

Minors are not permitted under any circumstances to enter areas that have been designated for mature audiences.

Anyone providing false documentation of identity or age will be denied membership and reported to the police.

Weapons Policy:

No actual weapons or any item that can be easily mistaken for one may be carried either openly or concealed at any time on the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield or Convention Center property, regardless of any government permits which you may possess. Personal pocket knives with single-edged blades less than 4 inches long are permitted.

Realistic weapon replicas are permitted as part of a costume only during costume events such as the Fursuit Parade, and must be appropriately peace-bonded; see the Security Staff for instruction on how to do so. They must be cased or otherwise secured when being carried outside of costume.

Pet Policy:

Fur Squared does not allow pets in the con space. This is for the protection of the pet, the pet owner, and our attendees as a whole. Service animals are permitted in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Parties and similar gatherings in hotel rooms:

Gatherings in hotel rooms must not generate any noise that can be heard in neighboring rooms during nighttime hours.

Hotel doors must be kept shut during such gatherings and guests are not permitted to congregate in the hotel corridors.

Loud parties will be given a single warning to remain quiet. No second warnings will be given before action is taken by the hotel to remove the offending individuals.

Hotel guests who host any gathering are responsible for cleaning up afterward. Excessive amounts of un-bagged trash must not be left for housekeeping staff to clean up (it's just plain rude). Trash bags are provided. Use them.

Other hotel matters:

Any act of vandalism, deliberate or excessive damage to hotel property, or interference with any hotel or Convention Center worker in the performance of his or her duties will result in permanent revocation of Fur Squared membership, criminal prosecution, fines, or any combination thereof.

Any attendees engaging in behavior which endangers life or property (such as, but not limited to, pulling fire alarms, creating hazardous situations) will have their membership revoked immediately, and may be asked not to return to future events organized by Con Glomerate. If warranted, law enforcement may be called.

The person in whose name a room is rented is solely responsible for the conduct of all individuals in the room as well as for the condition of the room. Excessive trash, soiling or other damage to hotel property, or any circumstance that may present a hazard to hotel housekeeping staff may result in permanent loss of Fur Squared membership privileges.

Do not affix anything to the walls of the hotel or Convention Center, to the elevators, to Fur Squared signage, or to hotel room doors. Fur Squared provides a message board in a public area where members may post messages or place announcements.

Requests for room amenities such as towels and pillows beyond the number that is reasonable and customary for a single room will not be honored. Kindly bring such extra items from home if they are expected to be needed.

Fur Squared is not responsible for items left in public areas. A lost and found will be setup in the con-ops room. If you find something that is not yours, take it there so that whoever lost it can come pick it up later. This includes but not limited to: cameras, mp3 players, cell phones, fursuit heads/parts/etc, purses, wallets, and so on.

Sales of Merchandise:

The offering for sale of any merchandise at the convention may be undertaken only in appropriate areas of the “Dealers Den” and “Artist Alley”; in all cases the sale will be governed by the rules applicable to those areas. It is illegal to sell any other merchandise or services in any other areas, including the Fur Squared "Zoo."


Harassment of any kind, including physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwelcome physical attentions, will not be tolerated. If people tell you "no" or to leave them alone, your business with them is done. If you continue to attempt to have contact with those people, you may be removed from the premises.

Fur Squared is not responsible for solving any interpersonal problems that may arise between individual members. In general, we can take no action to prevent a person from attending the convention unless that person has made a specific and credible threat toward the convention itself or if another individual can produce a legal restraining order.

Substance Abuse:

The sale or other distribution of any illegal or controlled substances is not welcome at Fur Squared. Any individual found to be distributing such substances will be removed and reported directly to the local authorities.

Anyone knowingly or unknowingly providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 will be guilty of a felony and will be turned over to the authorities. It is the sole responsibility of persons serving alcohol in room parties to ensure that every person in attendance is over the age of 21, even if that person is not drinking alcohol. There is to be at no time any alcohol on the con floor or in con space. All alcohol must stay in the bar/restaurant area or attendees rooms. Please drink responsibly and know your limit. Drunken and disorderly conduct could result in removal from Fur Squared and the hotel, or jail time if the authorities are called.

Media Relations and Use of Fur Squared Images or Footage:

All journalists, media photographers, and any other members of the press are required to display an official Fur Squared Press Badge or be accompanied by a senior Fur Squared staff member at all times while in the Convention Center, any area within Fur Squared convention space, or any Fur Squared hotel. Members of the press who have not been issued a Press Badge may not conduct interviews or take photographs, audio or video footage without an escort.

If members of the media are present, attendees must act responsibly. Media representatives who do not have Press Badges and are not escorted by a Fur Squared staff member should be reported to Fur Squared Security staff or to Convention Operations immediately. Do not speak to any un-badged and unescorted members of the press!

Fur Squared members should be aware that audio and/or video recordings are frequently made in convention areas and that their likenesses may appear in those recordings. Individual members agree to assign without compensation the use of their likeness(es) at Fur Squared for the use of promotional material such as the highlights videos.

The name " Fur Squared " and the Fur Squared logo are registered service marks of Con Glomerate, and must not be used in any fashion that disparages or dilutes that mark. Members agree to remove from circulation or publication any image or recording that in the sole opinion of Con Glomerate misrepresents or defames its service mark.

Payments to Fur Squared and other money matters:

Donations to Fur Squared unfortunately are not deductible from individual U.S. Federal income taxes.

Checks that are presented against insufficient funds will be charged a fee of $30 per check.

Fur Squared also accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club cards. Chargebacks (denying a charge) that are made for the sole purpose of avoiding payment, that are made without sufficient cause, or that are made without first attempting to resolve the dispute with Fur Squared may result in permanent revocation of membership privileges and possible legal action.

Members who have an outstanding balance due to Fur Squared must settle that balance before being permitted to attend the convention.

Fur Squared cannot involve itself in financial disputes between individual members, and cannot divulge information about an individual member to any party other than to banking officials or legal authorities.

Miscellaneous notes:

The standards of conduct for Fur Squared will be strictly enforced by Fur Squared security volunteers who will be clearly identified as such on site. Please remember that your con badge is the property of Con Glomerate and must be presented and/or surrendered to any Staff member requesting it. If you have any problem with any action taken by a Staff member you may take the matter up with the Chief of Security or to Fur Squared's Chairman. Any attendee that is asked to leave will not be entitled to any manner of refund or compensation for the price of their membership. This includes all levels of membership.

Please be reminded that these rules involve, of course, "worst-case" scenarios and are put into place to ensure the safety and comfort of our members. They are also not all-inclusive; in all cases, the singular rule that supersedes all others is, "Any action or behavior that causes significant interference with convention operations, excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects Fur Squared's relationship with its guests, its venue or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in revocation of membership privileges." We anticipate no difficulties, as our members as a whole are rational and responsible adults.

Fur Squared is prepared to deal with any or all of the above scenarios in as rapid and efficient a manner as possible should they occur. We thank our members for their past cooperation and for their continued assistance in making this a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Have fun - just please remember to be courteous of those around you while doing so!

~The Board & Staff of Fur Squared & Con Glomerate