Artist alley information



Get your virtual camera ready and go to this link to connect:

Click here!!


What we’re doing

First: a little bit of background.  We’ve been thinking a lot about just what a virtual artist alley should look like, and how to make it as easy as possible for an artist to participate.  

After talking to a lot of furries, it seems the most common way a customer uses an artist alley is to browse up and down the aisles, make a note of who and what they like, and then finally go to the artists they like for a commission.  We also have talked to several artists, and many of them already have a platform such as twitch or Picarto they already stream on and they want to use that as often as possible.  

The way we want to recreate this is to have an “alley hall” that shows every artist in the alley, with a live video rotating through all of the live streams on one page.  Under that there will be a listing page with links to everyone’s personal page or more information on commissions.  This gives the customer an overview of everyone currently streaming and then shows them a way for them to click through to an artist’s stream page.  We’ve spent the last couple of months working behind the scenes on something unique that checks all these boxes. 

This system we will be using today will allow us to broadcast a copy of your video stream at the same time as you stream to your preferred platform.  To do this will take a little bit of prep work on your end, but should be mostly painless.  This guide will focus on those that use OBS, those that use Streamlabs, and a super basic option for those people that have never streamed before.  Google chrome is the recommended browser, but this has been tested with Opera and Firefox (but use chrome if you can, it just works™)

Prep work

If you already use some kind of streaming software, you’ll need to set up some things in advance.  You’ll be using a virtual camera to send your video to our service, which allows you to continue to stream wherever you’d like unaffected by our side.



First, make sure that you’ve updated to the newest version of OBS.  They recently added virtual camera output.  If the bottom right of OBS looks like this to you, you’re set


You got it a bit easier.  

First, make sure that your streamlabs is up to date

Open Streamlabs OBS
Click Settings
Click on Virtual Webcam
Click on Install Virtual Webcam
Click start virtual webcam
Have a snack

All the info you’ll need is on this page:



Streaming to us:

Once you have streamlabs or OBS set up, follow this guide on show day:

First: navigate to this link:

You’ll be asked to enter a display name. You’ll also get a request to allow your webcam.  Click accept 

You’ll have two options.  Click “join room with camera”

Select “OBS camera” or “Streamlabs OBS”  as your video source and no audio.

When you’re ready to begin, click start.  We’ll know you’re streaming and take it from there!

The page should change to a message from the runners of the stream.. 

You can also start to stream to your preferred platform like normal, our system operates like a second stream that is unconnected to that one.

If you want to stop your stream to us, click the bottom right icon on the webpage. 



I don’t have any stream software and I just want to share my art program:

Don’t worry, we got you covered too!

First, open your preferred art program.

go to the following link

Click here!!


After entering your display name, click “screenshare with room”

Click “select screen to share”

A popup will appear.  Click “application window” then the program you use for artings

You should see a preview of your window in the browser.  

Aaand you’re done!  If you get a “no audio source selected”, don’t worry, we aren’t using your audio.  


If you can’t see your camera as a source, open the browser page in an incognito/private window.