Dealer Application

Dealer Application

Applications for Fur Squared 2019's Dealer's Den are now open! These applications will be open from September 10th to November 23rd. 

Once applications are closed, we will review and accept a selection of dealers. If those dealers do not respond to the information and sign up within a week, we will accept all other applications to give others a chance at entering into the den. If your application is accepted, a link will be sent to you to sign up for the Dealer's Den. Please click this link and follow to sign up and pay for your table. These tables are first come first serve. We have a limited amount of tables to be filled. If they are filled it will inform you that there are no more tables available.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding dealer accomodations, please contact us!  Questions regarding table availability or Dealer's Den operations prior to the convention should be directed to Questions regarding Dealer's Den operations during the convention should be directed to the Dealer's Den Manager or on-duty staff.

Name of the business

Name of the main contact for this this dealer

Email for the main contact for this dealer

If you have a link to show off your wares, put it here.

What will you be selling?



This could be furry cons, anime cons, or anything else of that nature.

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