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Not often I get asked about me specifically, so here goes my first hand at this.  I'm originally from Alaska due to my father's military career.  So snow and ice are no stranger to me, and has made me a bit more enduring it seems.  Moved to and fro various states, and first came to realize the fandom existed around 2002 in Connecticut, and first convention was the following year.  Before that time I've dabbled in off and on drawing for myself and others.  In the past few years, I've come to be settled in Minnesota, and have been working to improve my life in varied aspects.  Recently also undertook a long overdue project (ten years waiting) of making a space marine cosplay suit, and plan on continuing to do so.  All that aside I love being goofy and sharing good times with those around me.  If I can make at least one person smile then whatever it was had been worthwhile!


Cara Mitten (aka Ironfeathers) is a Milwaukee native and has been a freelance artist for over fifteen years. Her past clients include Wizards of the Coast/Magic the Gathering, Paizo Publishing (Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Magazine), White Wolf Publishing, Green Ronin Publishing, and many other independent game publishers. She has been drawing anthropomorphic critters for as long as she can remember and was first introduced to the furry fandom in 1998 via Elfwood, VCL, and Yerf.  These days she still spends most of her time drawing all sorts of silly, scary, or feathery things with the help of her four parrots.



Guests of Cons Past


Fursquared 2016 Guest of Honor! Pandez has been around the fandom since 2008. Since then he's gotten involved in staffing several conventions, and is the current chairman of Indyfurcon. He spends his time doing standup, getting his picture taken in fursuit with celebrities at comiccon, or turning his fursona into the latest meme. He's..... The most interesting panda in the world ... (ish).




Pepper Coyote

Fursquared 2016 Artist of Honor! In a change of pace, we went with a musical artist! This fine specimen of a ginger is a guitar player, singer, looper whiz, and songwriter, plus one of those nifty fursuiting types.  Whether he's writing on his own or playing with Look Left, he's always looking for that next stage and gig.


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Fursquared 2015 Guest of Honor! Why did we invite him? We don't know! But his adorable charm just drew us in! Watch out for this cutie! He will make you smile.






Fursquared 2015 Artist of Honor! Nyxsiern attended her first Midwest Furfest in 2007 and has never looked back. She is a native of Southeastern Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a degree in Apparel Design & Art. She has been an artist her entire life and enjoys traditional illustration, sewing, and digital mediums. She's also an avid cat lover and karaoke singer!


You can check out her work on Furaffinity here!




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