Programming Schedule

This year’s digital schedule is available here!

We encourage you to make an optional free Zoho account to bookmark events you’d like to attend, and download a custom itinerary for offline access. Additionally, attendees with smartphones may wish to download the free “Zoho Backstage for Attendees” app from their app store of choice.

Note that our event will not initially appear in the app’s search results when downloaded. To access our schedule via the Zoho Backstage app, first download the app on your smart device then click the link to the schedule at the top of this page. The schedule should then open in the Zoho Backstage app, and be available for the remainder of the event.

Is there a fursuit parade this year?

In an effort to protect our attendees and prevent the spread of Covid-19, we will unfortunately not be having a fursuit parade this year. Instead, we will be having an expanded series of fursuit photoshoots with our staff photographers! Further details on times and locations will be added to the schedule soon.

Fursuit Dance Competition

Announcing! The Fursquared 2022 Fursuit Dance Competition!

Greetings to all Dancefurs! This is the official post for the 2022 Fursuit Dance Competition! This event is open to all Fursuit dancers of various skill levels and dance performance genres. Feel free to review the competition rules and be on the look out for the event sign up sheet and instructions on music submission closer to convention date! Cannot wait to see all of you cut a rug and showcase some amazing talent!

Competition Rules

  1. Dancers must perform in either a full suit consisting of bodysuit, hand paws, head, foot paws, and tail OR a partial suit is allowed consisting of hand paws, head, tail, and foot paws. If footpaws are not available, dancers may also utilize mascot shoes (‘happy feet’) in place of footpaws.
  2. Regular street shoes (i.e. gym shoes, boots, etc) are NOT permitted footwear for competition. If the dancer should elect to compete in street shoes, they will be subject to a .5 point deduction from their overall score.
  3. Dance specific shoes that are there to enhance the performance (pointe shoes, tap shoes, etc) may be used at judges/dance competition chair discretion. Shoes of this nature must be brought to the competition chair before preliminary judging takes place.
  4. Props are allowed within reasonable limits and should enhance the performance and not detract from the performance. Props should be utilized safely and within reasonable limits.
  5. No use of anything that can create a slick or hazardous dance surface for the dancer and/or other competitors. (bubbles, confetti, etc).
  6. All performances must be within the time limit of 2:30. Anything that goes beyond the time limit will result in an automatic fade out from the AV team.
  7. Sportsmanlike conduct is expected of all competitors. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in removal from the competition.
  8. Music selections should be kept all ages friendly with minimal profanity.
  9. Dancers selected for the final round of competition need to be in the main events area at least a half hour before competition begins. This is to ensure that all dancers are warmed up, checked in, and ready to perform before actual show time.
  10. All dancers must abide by the Fursquared Code of Conduct at all times. Any violations of the code of conduct can result in removal from the competition.

Competition Signup

Before filling out the Dance Competition form, here is the information we will require:

Fursona Name, your competition music file (please keep to 2:30 or under), and whether you’ll be able to attend preliminaries/finals

Sign Up!

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