Fur Squared 2021 Programming Submission Form

The deadline for programming submissions this year is November 30, 2020.


What’s different this year?

We’re virtual! We’re online! We WILL NOT be at the hotel (please don’t show up there). Instead, panels will be streamed online for all to watch! Additionally, the virtual format gives us the option for a new type of programming: prerecorded panels!

What’s a prerecorded panel?

A prerecorded panel is a panel that you will film and edit prior to the convention, and that will then be aired in its entirety. The final version of your prerecorded panel will need to be submitted no later than Friday, January 15, but once your panel is approved you can submit any version you’re happy with and our programming staff will be able to offer feedback or suggestions.

How much editing will Fur Squared do for me?

Unfortunately, Fur Squared doesn’t have the resources to do any editing on prerecorded panels more involved than minor runtime adjustments.

Will I need VRChat to watch panels?

No, you will not need VRChat to watch panels. Panels will be streamed via popular online streaming services (such as YouTube or Twitch) and available for everyone with Internet access to watch.

Why do panels have weird times this year?

This year we’re asking panelists to end their panels 10 minutes earlier than normal. This will allow us to have theming, charity, or other miscellaneous content between panels, as well as provide a cushion in case we experience technical difficulties.

What about gaming tournaments or TTRPG games?

Given the virtual nature of this year’s con, we want to include expanded video and tabletop gaming tracks. Such events will likely be relegated to a Secondary Events programming track. Secondary events will be hosted by members of the community and listed on our schedule, and we will point attendees to your stream, channel, etc. Please submit events of this category to the regular programming submissions form linked on this page.

When will I hear back about my submission?

We’ll start reviewing panel submissions as soon as we can. Once we review your submission, you’ll receive an email letting you know if your submission was approved or denied. Prerecorded panels will receive priority evaluation to give panelists as much lead time as possible to record and submit their panels.

What technical requirements are there for panels (e.g. file type, streaming setup, etc.)?

We are still working to finalize the technical requirements for both live and prerecorded panels. We will update this page once we finalize those requirements, and will notify all submitted panelists via email at that time. If you have submitted a panel and cannot meet the technical requirements when they are established, don’t worry! You are free to withdraw at that time. Just email us at programming@fursquared.com.

Is there a deadline to submit programming?

We have decided to move our programming submission deadline a month earlier than usual to accommodate the necessary preparation for a virtual event. The deadline for submitting programming for Fur Squared 2021 is November 30, 2020We do not yet have an estimation on when panelists will be notified about the status of their submission, but we will be contacting you as soon as we can.

What information will I have to submit?

  • Email
  • Name that will appear on the schedule
  • Legal name
  • Name of Event
  • Description of Event
  • Category
  • Additional hosts
  • Age restriction (All ages, 18+, 21+)
  • Desired length: 20 minutes, 50 minutes, 1 hour 20 minutes, 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Preferred day: Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun
  • Preferred time: Morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, evening, night
  • Replay Permission
  • Live or prerecorded? Hybrid?
  • For Live and Hybrid panels
    • Upload and download speeds, per a service such as speedtest.net
    • Using a webcam?
    • Do you have prior streaming experience?
    • Availability for pre-convention rehearsal: A few days before the convention, The weekend before the convention, Two weekends before the convention
  • For Prerecorded panels
    • Will you be providing a closed-captioning transcript?
  • Additional comments or requests

So, how do I submit my awesome idea?

Just follow the link below!

Fur Squared 2021 Programming Submission Form

What if I have other programming questions?

Email us at programming@fursquared.com.