Fur Squared 2018 will have more programming than ever before. This means more opportunities to be a part of the events you truly enjoy from stand-up comedy to dances, from game shows to fursuiting, there will be something for everybody at Fur Squared 2018.

Highlighted Events

Fursuit Group Photo & Parade – One of these years, we will infinite loop the fursuit parade. Will this be the year? Only one way to find out!

Whose Lion Is It Anyway? – Join us for the original Whose Lion is it Anyway improv panel! This fully interactive panel will have you in stitches will you, the audience plays your favorite games with two of your favorite hosts! Come join us for a night of laughs and Alkali slapping his forehead.

Now This Is How You Kill The Con – Your traditional Furry Variety Show, WITH A TWIST! Add a crying chairman, some improv, lots of kale, and this will be an hour of entertainment you can’t afford to miss.

Iron Alcoholics – Welcome to Wisconsin: home to a baseball team named for the numerous breweries in the state. If we didn’t have an event like this, we’d be disrespecting the Badger State.

Saturday Morning Cartoons – Nothing starts the day quite like a bowl of Frosted Flakes and some old-school Saturday morning cartoons.

Three-Headed Monster – Xander will profess his love for Trump, Pandez will not sing, and Alkali will talk how a time in which he was sober. Or the very opposite of all those things.

Charity Cards Against Humanity – We don’t care what anybody says, this game is awesome. Only awesome cons have this event. We’re looking at you, IndyFurCon! Wimps!

MiST3Ke – It’s baaaack! We don't know why. I think you all bribed us. In fact, I know you bribed us, then you made us drink for the bribe. We like you.

Fur Squared Games – Our fursuit games are back and at a reasonable hour this year! No more waking up at 8:30AM, hungover, to get into fursuit, run around for 2 hours, and hoping not to die!

Host An Event

Fur Squared is always looking for knowledgeable individuals to host events for the enjoyment, entertainment, and education of our attendees. If you wish to host an event, go to the Fur Squared 2018 Programming Form
All information on this page and sub pages thereof is tentative and subject to change at any time. Please be aware that in the event of an event change, we will make an announcement of the change and will plan accordingly.

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