Dance Competition Rules

Fur Squared Fursuit Dance Competition Rules

For this dance competition, you can enter as an individual, as a couple, or as a dance crew of up to 5 fursuiters. So if you and some of your buddies have a routine you want to show the world, you are encouraged to bring your skills to Wisconsin and try out for our dance competition. If couples dancing is more of your thing and you want a place to showcase it, you are also encouraged to show off your talent at Fur Squared 2017. And, if you're loner who can grab the spotlight with your own moves, this competition is ideal for you as well.

Here are some details about the competition itself:

  • If you want to take part in the Finals, you must qualify at the Prelims.
    • We will take the top 10 performances to the Finals.
  • As mentioned, you may compete as an individual, a couple, or a crew of up to 5 fursuiters.
    • You can compete a maximum of 2 times in Prelims and 1 time in the Finals.
    • If you compete twice in Prelims, 1 of the 2 must be an individual act.
    • If you qualify for the Finals as both an individual and couple/crew, the couple/crew will take precedence.
  • For the Prelims and the Finals, you must provide your own music.
    • Time limit for both the Prelims and Finals is 2 minutes.
    • It is your responsibility to provide us a file of the song you are using, flash drive is preferred.
    • When submitted music, make sure it’s in the highest quality format possible: > 192Kbit MP3/OGG, FLAC, WAV
    • If you have not edited or cropped the song at all, we will start at the beginning and stop at 2:00.
  • Your score will be based on the following:
    • Showmanship: How entertaining and appealing your performance is.
    • Technique: How you execute and perform your dance moves.
    • Difficulty: How easily can your dance be duplicated.
    • Synchronization: How well you integrate your moves to the music and your partner(s) if applicable.
    • Crowd Reaction: How loudly the audience responses to your performance, this will be measured with a sound meter and added to your score. (Finals only)
  • Specific time and location for the Prelims and Finals are to be announced.
    • Prelims will start Saturday at 11:30AM in the Milwaukee Ballroom.
    • Finals will start Saturday at 8:30PM in the Milwaukee Ballroom, arrive 30 minutes early.

A quick explanation about the scoring. Each judge will rate each performance based on the categories listed above. In each of the first 4 categories, the judge will give a score, 1-10.

As for the Crowd Reaction category, a sound meter will gauge the volume of the audience's reaction to each performance. The loudest reaction at the Finals, in decibels, will earn a 10 in that category. For every decibel lower your performance's reaction is compared to that of the loudest, your Crowd Reaction score will drop by one. For example, if the loudest reaction is 87 dB, whoever earned that reaction gets a 10 in Crowd Reaction. If your performance gets a reaction of 85 dB, you will earn an 8 for Crowd Reaction. The lowest you can score in any category is 1. So, if you get a reaction of 74 dB in this scenario, you will get a Crowd Reaction score of 1, not -3.

The best score you can get from any single judge is 50 (all 10s). The worst score you can get from any single judge is 5 (all 1s). The scores from -all- the judges will be combined, and that will be the score for your performance. The performance that earns the highest score will win the dance competition.

If you have any questions regarding the dance competition, please e-mail me at huscoon(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm also available on Twitter, Telegram, and Skype under the username "huscoon."

Thank you and good luck.



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