Fur Squared 2017 - Board of Directors

Con Chair / Marketing 

Alkali Bismuth 

If you see a tall ferret in a top hat, then it's probably Alkali!  This crazy ferret cohosts the Who's Lion Is It Anyway and Dragget Show Podcast when he's not fiddling with the stocks of the 1%.  He also has been known to host or cohost all sorts of panels, such as Lupus In Tabula, the charity auction, the Furry Variety Show, Furry Smackdown and more!  Alkali also enjoys Tabletop gaming, PC gaming, puns, and stalks on the beach.  Feel free to say hello to this Dook of Hazzard.

Vice Con Chair / Programming


He's a demon, but the good kind!  When not wandering around furry and gaming conventions in his imp and lizard suits, you might find Draggor programming for both work and leisure.  He and Kataze created this here site and all the systems therein!  While being a fitness & health enthusiast, he also enjoys tabletop, Pen & Paper, PC gaming, and even is an occasional host of Lupus in Tabula.  If you get the chance, don't be scared to say hi to the demon!

Director of Registration


Smarty skunk and co-creator of the site, Kataze frequents fur cons and fur meets of all sorts.  He also enjoys videogames, especially story driven and indie games, but not so much in the fear of being regarded as a gaming hipster!  Feel free to greet the skunk, he doesn't stink!

Director of Operations


A wolf often found with laptop in hand, Nemesis is a Wisconsinite programmer you can often find programming or gaming when he's not attending furry conventions.  This vroom puppy also loves cars!

Give a howdy if you see this tall wolf in the hall.


Director of Technology






Director of Art & Guests of Honor


Nyxsiern is an artist, apparel designer, and local Wisconsinite! New to the director team, she is helping to direct the Dealers Den, Artist Alley, and make sure all the guests of honor are happy! Often accompanied by her husband Nall, they are a pair of Milwaukee foodies. If you need any reccomendations or some help around the convention, reach out to her and she would be happy to help!





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