Dealer's Den


Dealers Den applications are now closed and under review! When we have decided upon our dealers for 2018 we will send emails to the recipients and post the list on the website! As always if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Thank you!

Hours of Operation 2018

Thursday: Load In/Set Up from 4pm to 10pm

Friday: Load In/Set Up from 9am to 11am, Open Hours from 12pm to 7pm

Saturday: Open Hours from 11am to 7pm

Sunday: Open Hours from 11am to 5pm, Break down from 5pm to 7pm


Policies and Code of Conduct

Memberships: Your base dealer's registration includes one 8ft table and a standard “Attending” membership for the convention for only $85. Dealers may purchase an additional table, subject to review on a case-by-case basis for an additional $50. All dealers assistants must have preordered an “Attending” membership—or more—to be approved as an assistant. Dealers may assign assistants to their tables upon signup. If this changes, please advise to the Dealer’s Den coordinator before the convention. All assistants must be connected to a dealer and there is a limit of two on the number of assistants that can be connected a dealer, but there may only be two people (including the dealer) behind each table at one time.

Dealers and assistants will have information on their Attending badge to show they may enter the room during dealer setup/closing time. Ribbons will also be provided but are not used to judge access. You must have the indication on your Fur Squared badge in order to get in. On Thursday evening for setup, this rule may be relaxed to allow a dealer or assistants with a preregistered membership to enter the room before they pick up their badge.

Legal Requirements: In order to register and reserve dealer space, you will need to be over the age of 18 and to show proof that you can legally sell merchandise in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin requires merchants to complete a Wisconsin State ID Tax form with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to allow the sale of merchandise and collection of sales tax. Please follow this link to register: Additionally, by signing up for a dealers table you are agreeing to follow all Dealers Den policies listed below.

Behavior: It is of the utmost important that all dealers treat their fellow dealers with respect and kindness. Please do not throw things at other dealers or argue with other dealers. Complaints of such behavior can be reported to the Dealers Den Coordinator and can be subject to consideration in future Dealer’s Den participation.

Posting of Signs & Display Rules: Use of the space provided is up to the Dealer, but certain restrictions apply. Each Dealer is restricted to the use of the space on top of and immediately behind their table. Side stands may be permitted, but only with approval of the Dealers Den Coordinator. You may not encroach on your neighbor's space (including neighbors behind you) without their permission. Please be courteous. Displays that include lights (including videos with no sound) are permitted as long as they do not annoy your fellow dealers and/or attendees and are not strobe lights or similar. Dealers may not post items on the wall as this is against the rules of our hotel. You are responsible for any damages you incur by hanging items on the walls. Nothing may be hung on any doors or door frames.

Hotel: Dealers are responsible or any damage to hotel property and/or equipment loaned to them due to inappropriate use. Hotel property and equipment may not be modified in any way, including but not limited to: Holes, chips, paint, glue or damage due to rough or inappropriate behavior. Fur Squared or Sheraton® are not liable for any personal injury or damage to equipment or property caused by the inappropriate use of hotel equipment, such as falling while standing on a chair or table. Please use provided equipment responsibly.

 Not Allowed for Sale: Items you cannot sell include, but are not limited to: personal services (tattooing, body piercing and similar), unlicensed/bootleg merchandise, food and/or drink of any sort, flammable/incendiary items except for candles and incense sticks, firearms. Please note that candles, incense, etc. may NOT be lit for demonstration purposes. Scents and perfumes may be limited if the smells are overbearing and affecting other attendees. Any items for which the possession, sale, or crossing of state boundaries constitutes a criminal act are prohibited in the Dealers Den. Prohibitions enacted in the State of Wisconsin also apply. No space may be resold without permission from the Dealers Den Coordinator. No loud or annoying displays will be permitted. Any loud noises will be multiplied by the dynamics of the room, so please keep CDs/DVDs at a reasonable volume. No pirated works may be sold in the Dealers Den. Exceptions can be made for material that is not readily available in the United States (hard-to-find anime, etc.), but this will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Anything that you sell that is not entirely your creation; you should have permission from all other parties before selling.

Space: Unless you are given permission by the Dealers Den coordinator, you may NOT alter your space by moving your table or removing any of the items provided. We have tried to maximize the number of dealers that can attend, and, as a result, we must ask that all dealers keep the aisles clear and passages open. Stored and displayed items must not impede traffic flow, both in front of and behind tables. We have a maximum limit of two people per full table behind each table. Free standing displays or stands may not be used in any way that causes a safety issue or clogs the walkway. If you plan on using a stand or display with your table, please inform the Dealers Den staff so it can be positioned in a way not to cause problems. No weapons may be sold in the Dealers Den. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis, but will need to be cleared through security. No more than two people may be behind a single table at any given time. Please keep your area clean and take your trash with you when you close up each night. No one is permitted to be sitting on the floor behind or underneath your table as this can cause fire hazards and security issues.

Adult Items: Please remember that not everyone may share your tastes, and that your behavior is representative of the entire fandom. Adult items can be—but are not limited to—items which contain exposed genitalia or representations of genitalia, depict a sexual act; depict realistic violence where the victim is shown to be seriously injured; depict any other content that makes it unsuitable for minors according to state law. If you are selling adult items, you agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that minors (those with an "under 18" badge) do not have access to any adult items. This can be done by checking their badge before allowing attendee to look at any Adult item. Anything on display (visible to people near your table) must be PG-13 rated. This may include the use of stickers or post-its in appropriate areas.

Security: The Dealers Den will be secured when not open. Do not, under any circumstances, leave cash or other valuables inside of the Dealers Den that you may need after the den closes. This includes laptops, MP3 players, or medication. Once the Dealers Den is closed and secured, it will not be reopened until the next morning. Be sure to take any work from the dealers room that you wanted to complete overnight.

Electricity: Electricity will be available on a limited basis and will not be guaranteed. All requests for electricity should be made when requesting the table. We only have limited resources when it comes to cords, etc so please bring your own if you can!! This helps us immensely!

Requests: If you have a special request, you are urged to contact us as soon as possible. Requests for electricity, wall space, or to sit near a specific dealer or in a specific section of the room, will be addressed when setting up the dealer layout to the best of our ability. Fur Squared will make every attempt to satisfy any and all special requests, but we cannot guarantee anything.

Waiting List: Dealers Den space goes fast. In the event that the Dealers Den sells out, we will be instituting the waiting list. When the Dealers Den is full, applications will be placed in the waiting list in a first-come, first-served manner. When a table space opens up, an email will be sent to those on the waiting list and the first to reply to their token and sign up will claim the table. Payment will not be due until a table is granted to you, however, if you are granted a table off the waiting list, payment must be sent or arranged within 48 hours of your notification of receiving a table.

Canceling: If you find you are unable to attend please let the Dealers Den Coordinator know as soon as possible. All sales are final so we are unable to issue any Dealer credits or refunds. Canceled tables cannot be transferred to other dealers at the request of the canceling dealer, but will go to the next person on the waiting list.

Clean Up: Please remember during cleanup on Sunday to clean the area around your table. Please pick up trash, collapse boxes and put them by the trash, etc.

Violations and Appeals: The Fur Squared Dealers Den is part of the Fur Squared convention space; as such, violations of conduct which fall under the Conduct Policy will be handled as indicated in that policy. Violation of the Dealers Den Terms of Agreement will be handled by the Dealers Den Staff as deemed appropriate. If necessary, general remedies spelled out in the Conduct Policy may also be applied. The Dealers Den Coordinator will have final say on all disputes in the Den. You can appeal to the Chairman, but he’s likely to decide in favor of the Coordinator. All Fur Squared Policies apply in the Dealers Den.

Complaints or concerns concerning the Dealers Den should be addressed to Tables that have not been claimed by 10:00AM on Friday of the convention, without notification to the staff will be considered abandoned and given to the next waiting applicant on the list. No refunds or credits will be given for abandoned tables.

Fur Squared reserves the right to amend these rules without prior or posted notice.

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