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Our Den

Our Dealers

ArtZora Studios
ArtZora Studios provides high quality premade fursuit partials, premade fursuit parts such as handpaws, tails and more, fursuit commissions and small merch! Come check out our wares and become a Citrus Suiter today! Check our Twitter to see what we have to offer!
They can be reached here
Blue Canary Gallery
Designer, illustrator, comic colorist, photographer, and geek on the internet.
They can be reached here
I am a traditional artist that works mostly in inkwork and pen. My focus is animals with intricate patternwork and detailed designs. I would be selling badges, commissions, prints, blankets, enamels pins, and much more!
They can be reached here
Imagination Boutique
Custom & unique embroidered patches, buttons, stickers, and more! Commissions available for patches, buttons, and badges.
They can be reached here
Inkmaven Art
Inkmaven is a local Wisconsin based artist with over a decade drawing in the fandom. Find graphic t-shirts, stickers, lanyards, prints, and more a their table in the dealer's den.
They can be reached here
Traditional-media artist offering originals, prints, swag and limited on-site sketches! Specializes in birds, fish, transformation themes and general well as cute stuff. :)
They can be reached here
JEIBON is known for her detailed, anime-adjacent digital illustrations, her urban-inspired original characters, and her ability to create new and pleasing character designs. No matter what your taste is, there is sure to be something to catch your eye!
They can be reached here
Joshiah's Written Works
Your one stop shop for all things literary, Joshiah's Written Works is heading back north with a whole new crop of books for sale! Thrilling adventures, puzzling mysteries and spicy romances are just a few of the options we offer. You can also get your own personalized stories!
They can be reached here
Kaiju Kafe
Kaiju Kafe specializes in creating creepy, cute and saucy sticker, prints and pins. Along with sticker and mini poster designs, we create homemade loose leaf teas and custom commissions. Come and visit!
They can be reached here
I’ll be selling a variety of partial fursuits, paws, and tails! We will also have custom badges, stickers, and artwork available!
They can be reached here
Lindsey 'Rhos' Burcar Art
Hello, I'm Rhos! I am a fantasy artist who paints creatures, characters, and landscapes sold as prints, playmats, and mousepads. I also sell pins, stickers, dice bags and more! I take only a few at-con sketchbook commissions, so if you would like one make sure to catch me early!
They can be reached here
Lizbie Cafe
LizbieCafe specializes in collectable merchandise: an assortment of cute (sometimes spicy) enamel pins, keychains, standees, stickers, books and prints. Will be offering custom oc acrylic keychain and standee commissions. Follow @LizbieCafe on instagram, twitter, or tiktok!
They can be reached here
Extraordinary Adult Toys that are more accessible to more people!
They can be reached here (nsfw 18+ only)
Pepper Coyote
PEPPER AND DRAGGET MEDIA MESS. At this table you’ll find Pepper Coyote, Alkali bismuth, Crow.Party, boozy badger, uncle Kagay, and whoever else adds to the pile of precious peddlers. Music, art prints, shirts, shot glasses, we’re a bodega of bunglers at this point. Come on by!
They can be reached here
Pinku's Crafty Cottage
We are a small 2 person team working to bring high quality fursuit accessories such as tails, handpaws, and feetpaws to the fandom. We also offer a wide range of smaller items including fursuit sprays, pins, keychains, and lanyards.
They can be reached here
Plaid Paws by Maus
Meowdy! Plaid Paws by Maus creates costumes, props and artwork for all things furry. We specialize in toony and semi-realistic!
They can be reached here
Quack Quack Honk
Quack Quack Honk Designs does whimsical 2d traditional art. Usually, but not limited to, Copic marker designs of animals w alcohol &/or desserts
They can be reached here
Rob Hogan Creates
Pop culture and parody paintings
They can be reached here
Sanguine Games
Since 1999, Sanguine Games has made books, games, and comics, such as IRONCLAW, MYRIAD QUEST, BOOK OF LEGENDS, URBAN JUNGLE, and the proverbial more.
They can be reached here
Smilodon Studio
Smilodon Studio provides books of both an adult and clean nature, mostly transformation based and with a variety of themes and settings! I also take writing commissions.
They can be reached here
SpookySniper Monster Labs
Your spooky spot for unique DIY fursuit supplies, art prints and weird handmade originals!
They can be reached here
Talenshi Studios
We offer hand-bound, magnetically refillable journals (hard & soft cover) engraved with Talenshi's artwork; beautiful hardwood + etched brass pendants (necklaces) with vegan suede cords; Birds at Arms enamel pins, prints of Talenshi's digital paintings, and more.
They can be reached here
The Dragget Show
CDs, shirts, shot glasses, & sketches
They can be reached here
Third Eye Creations
We are a costume making small business. Slowly working our way to learning to make cosplays and plushies.
They can be reached here