Dealer's Den

Welcome, welcome, one and all! With all of these dazzling wares we’re sure you will find something of satisfaction! We bring you fantastic and fascinating stock from all over fandom to our humble little con.

Dealer’s Den Table Listing

Fur Squared 2024 Dealer's Den Map

NOTE: PT = Performer Table

Table Number Dealer Name
PT Alkali Anonymous
7 B.B’s Art Boutique
8 BlindCoyote
15 Blue Canary Gallery
PT Boozy Badger
15 Brian Reynolds
3 ChaosCostumes LLC
11 CherryBox Media LLC
PT Citrine
14 CryTime
2 DaSueDragon
21 Deer Hudson Crafts
32 Fenris Publishing LLC
13 FeretStudios
19 Fursewna Studios
33 Glitzy Fox Studios
37 Golden Druid
35 Hoodiedogs
10 Joshiah’s Written Works
18 Kaiju Kafe
30 Lakemutt
31 Lindsey “Rhos” Burcar Art
26 Lizbie Cafe
5 Maimface
29 Malmseyy
25 MatchaPeaches Art
36 Moko’s Makery
PT Otter Chaos
1 Papaya Badger
4 Pawgyle
PT Pepper Coyote
27 Plant Panda Studios
34 Quack Quack Honk Designs
PT Rhubarb and Cosmik
6 Rob Hogan Creates
24 Simple Nick’s
17 Smilodon Studio
9 Sparkle Kreations
PT Status Ferret
23 Sweet Cream Arts
12 Talenshi Studios
16 The Spooky Sniper
22 Triangle Manor
28 Wooperworks
20 Zenophrenic

Night Market Table Listing

Fur Squared 2024 Night Market Map

Table Number Dealer Name
4 Aromatic Hyena
1 FishyBoner
8/9 Lycantasy
2 Monsterous on Main
5 Pls Feed The Bear
3 Regally Wild
7 Statiik Art
6 Wolfen Creations

Dealers Den & Night Market Hours

Day Dealer’s Den Night Market
Friday 10AM - 6PM 9PM - 1AM
Saturday 10AM - 6PM 9PM - 1AM
Sunday 10AM - 4PM Closed

After Hours

Please note that once the Dealers Den is closed for the evening, nobody will be allowed inside. As a general rule, even staff are not allowed inside the room after hours; the only exception would be a Dealers Den lead and only then if they are accompanied by a member of our Security team. Please double and triple check to make sure that you have all of your personal belongings with you when you leave; items such as personal ID, money, phones, etc. that you might need should not be left in the Den overnight.

Code of Conduct

Please review our Dealer Code of Conduct

Note that the above is an extension of our primary Code of Conduct.

Need Help?

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