Are you Interested in making a difference with our growing convention? Fur Squared is staffed entirely by volunteers. Won’t you help us out by volunteering? It’s easy, fun and there are some great benefits to pitching in. There are plenty of opportunities available for all of our attendees.

Crowd Control

For those with skill at directing traffic, we need a few good furs to make sure the crowd moves smoothly at registration, elevators and special events.

Door Duty

For the safety and comfort of our attendees, convention-only spaces are reserved for registered Fur Squared guests. All you need to do is to make sure that folks are displaying their convention badges while they’re in our convention-only areas.

Duties As Assigned

Filling in for staff for those unforeseen events which invariably come up, or just pitching in for odd jobs as they arise.

Headless Lounges

Love the fursuiters? Want to help them out? In the Headless Lounges, you can make sure there are plenty of cold towels and bottles of water available for fursuit performers while they rest up.


Have a good, strong back? We need people to help us with moving equipment and convention materials from storage, setting them up, and then taking them down once the convention is over. We need help to make sure sites are set up and taken down flawlessly, and as quickly as possible.

Sponsor’s Lounge

Is hospitality more to your liking? Help us serve snacks and drinks to tired and thirsty conventioneers in our con suite.

Warm & Fuzzies

Finding your way around a large hotel in unfamiliar territory can be baffling; especially in a new hotel as large as this one. People always have questions, ranging from where and when panels are, to how to get in touch with staff, and even to making restaurant recommendations. If you like helping people, and making your fellow furries convention experience as stress-free as possible, we can use your help.

What’s in it for you?

First off, you’ll have the thanks of our entire staff and all our attendees, as well as the knowledge that you helped run the best Fur Squared yet! However, there are other benefits too. For volunteering, you will receive the following:

Time Given Rewards
Any A ribbon identifying you as being part of our group of convention volunteers
2 Hours Small Sponsor Gift (our dice bag and a glow necklace from our 2nd year)
6 Hours T-shirt with exclusive artwork designed by one of our guests of honor
10 Hours Sponsor Stuff Bag (rest of the sponsor swag)
12 Hours Free Registration for Fur Squared 2023

Note: Any hours logged before opening ceremonies or after closing ceremonies will count as double hours toward your total hours of logged service.

Interested In Volunteering?

there are a couple of ways of signing up:

  • Fill out the volunteer application form F2 2022 Volunteers Application
  • Contact us ahead of time at In the email, let us know your availability, special skills and desired position.
  • Sign up at the door when you arrive at the convention. We’ll have gopher log sheets and documentation available at the Volunteers Desk (Wisconsin 7 Room) as soon as the convention starts.

If you have any questions, or need information, you can email us at