Panel Submissions Open!

Forms close November 30th

Calling all and gearhead gadgeteers, whizzbang wizards, electric entertainers, and ingenious inventors of incredible items - we are now accepting programming submissions for FurSquared 2024! With a new hotel comes more space, and as always we need _your_ help to fill it!

If you have an event you’d like to host at F2 - a meetup, a discussion, a demonstration of your latest technology of the future - you can apply at until November 30th.

Never hosted an event before? Got a wacky idea but aren’t sure if it’ll take off? Don’t be shy - we love innovation, and you’ll not find a more welcoming audience! We’re happy to work with you to flesh out an idea, and offer advice for running your panel.

Please refer to the Programming page for continued updates and details as they get released.

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Panel Submissions Open! | FurSquared