Welcome to this year’s Alternate Reality Game (aka ARG) for FurSquared!  Our theme for the year is CONspiracy and as such, what better way to celebrate that than with a fantastic game of trying to discover who is trying to summon an eldritch horror this weekend?  Over the course of the weekend, the players will be searching high and low all over the convention space to find clues to help them eliminate suspects from their list sheets, that they can grab from Registration!  These sheets will not only be useful for keeping track of all of the eliminations you find from various clues, but they will also count as your final answer slips that you will then turn in to Tabletop Gaming at the end of the weekend on Sunday. The sheet will cover several different types of suspects for the weekend’s terrible ritual:

  • The beings that might be performing the ritual
  • The horrible items or ritual that could potentially be used for the summoning
  • The location in which the ritual may possibly take place
  • The eldritch horror that the ritual may call forth if not stopped

Each clue found will denote an item to cross off from one of the lists on the sheet, getting you closer to sleuthing out the truth.  Every clue will be given out over the course of the weekend via some means, though just what all of these means are is a mystery.  Many clues can be found lying about the convention space, whereas others will be hidden amongst official convention art, or gleaned from interacting with the various non-player characters (NPCs) that are wearing a special green cloth indicating that they have clues and are ready to give them out!  Clues may even be found hidden within discussion panel topics, games and many can be earned by participating in the Mousekatonic Conspiracy Collaboration panel on Friday!

Players will have all weekend to play, and may even join in partway through the weekend if they miss out on a day of play!  Since it is impossible to attend every single event that takes place during FurSquared, collaboration is highly encouraged in order to ensure you get as many clues as possible before the game is over.  Once you have gathered as many clues as you can, it is then time to take one entry from each group of suspects to come up with a final answer.

It is important that players turn in their final answers to the Tabletop Gaming room before Closing Ceremonies beings!  Once Closing Ceremonies has begun, submissions will be closed so that we can finalize the winners, which will be announced at that time!

If you have any other questions about the game, please feel free to ask SteelTheWarrior or Vyxxen in the Tabletop Gaming room over the course of the weekend!