• Vaccinations are required
  • Boosters are required (unless recently vaccinated, see below)
  • If your Badge is on, your Mask is on
    • Masks are required in all public hotel spaces
    • Masks are required under fursuit heads
  • Fursuit lounges will be open


Cheat Sheet

Condition Date Result
Pfizer or Moderna (Both shots), NO Booster On or Before: November 14, 2021 Must get Booster by/before April 14, 2022
Johnson & Johnson/Janssen, NO Booster On or Before: February 14, 2022 Must get Booster by/before April 14, 2022
Pfizer or Moderna (Both shots), NO Booster Between: November 15, 2021 and March 31, 2022 (inclusive) You can attend F2 without Booster
Johnson & Johnson/Janssen NO Booster Between: February 14, 2022 and March 31, 2022 (inclusive) You can attend F2 without Booster
Any vaccine series (all dose(s)) AND 1 Booster On or Before: April 14, 2022 You can attend F2!



To attend FurSquared 2022, one of the following two situations MUST be true:

Option 1 - Vaccinated & Boosted

You have completed the primary vaccine series and have received a booster per CDC guidelines linked here: The CDC considers boosters to be effective immediately, so there is no additional date restriction.

We require booster shots if your last vaccine series was on or before the following dates:

Pfizer or Moderna (mRNA) Johnson & Johnson / Janssen
Last vaccine dose by Vaccine received by
November 14th, 2021 February 14th, 2022

Additionally, if you are moderately or severely immunocompromised and over the age of 11 the CDC recommends a 4th shot (mRNA) or 3rd shot Johnson & Johnson/Janssen FurSquared does not require this additional shot, but strongly encourages eligible attendees to do so.


Option 2 - Recently Vaccinated

You have completed an initial vaccine series by the time frame listed below. This section only applies if you have received your last vaccine dose too recently (after the above dates) to be eligible for the booster before Fur Squared.

Pfizer or Moderna (mRNA) Johnson & Johnson / Janssen
Last vaccine dose by Vaccine received by
March 31st, 2022 March 31st, 2022

Proof of vaccination will be required at registration to purchase or pick up a badge.


Proof of Vaccination

For United States residents, we will accept:

  • Physical CDC card
  • Photo of CDC card
  • Photocopy of CDC card
  • Digital vaccine record approved by your home state which displays the following information:
    • Your Legal Name
    • Vaccine Brand
    • Vaccination Dates

Attendees that have lost their CDC card can use the below resources to locate records:

Wisconsin Residents can access WIR

Illinois Residents can access Vax Verify

Minnesota Residents can access MIIC

Please note that we will not accept QR codes as proof of vaccination. You must be able to display the information listed above in plain text on your device.

For international attendees, please bring the document your country uses to record proof of vaccination, or a picture or copy of that document.

Any COVID-19 vaccine governmentally approved for use in your home country will be accepted.


Masks are required at all times in convention spaces, including while in a fursuit.

Masks may be temporarily removed while eating (such​​​​ as in the dining & bar are of the hotel, or at the sponsor dinner), but must put them back on immediately when finished eating.

Balaclavas, items made of thin & stretchy materials, and single-layer cloth masks alone are not acceptable masks, they must be combined with another type of face covering.

Policy Changes

In the interest of transparency, we want to advise our attendees that this policy may change in the future. Reasons for a change, if any, will be based on several factors, which may include:

  • CDC recommendations
  • State & County requirements
  • Venue policy
  • Ability of volunteer staff to enforce policy

Look to our website for the latest up-to-date information.



Are the COVID precautions in Milwaukee the same as in my state?

Every state has differences both in law and in custom. If you are concerned about specific risks, we encourage you to check with a doctor and/or research the differences to determine if you feel comfortable attending.

Where can I see COVID-19 statistics for Brookfield WI (Waukesha County)?

Please see the COVID-19 Wisconsin Summary Data dashboard. Waukesha County is directly west of Milwaukee, which is in the south-east portion of the state.

Will there be unvaccinated people outside of con space?

Yes. Please remember the rest of the hotel, elevators, hallways, restaurant, and other activities are open to the public and we can’t control who will be present. Masks are the most effective protection.

Will there be unmasked people outside of con space?

Yes. The Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield has ended their masking policy. The FurSquared mask policy will apply within convention space.

We encourage all attendees to wear masks outside of the convention area.

I believe someone is creating fraudulent vaccine cards for themselves or others. What can I do?

Creating fraudulent CDC vaccination cards is a federal crime.

To report suspicious activity involving fake vaccination record cards, please contact the appropriate government agency in your state or jurisdiction, HHS-OIG (1-800-HHS-TIPS or, or the Internet Crime Complaint Center (

What happens if someone presents a fraudulent proof of vaccination at the convention?

They will be ejected from the convention, and we will contact law enforcement.


If you have questions about vaccine requirements, documentation requirements, or other COVID related questions, please contact us at