Dealer Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct additions for the Dealer's Den

Dealer Code of Conduct

Your merchandise must be acceptable under any and all applicable rules or laws. Items and services that are illegal to possess or sell in the state of Wisconsin are equally prohibited in the Dealers Den and Night Market.

Adult material outside of the Night Market must be kept away from minors; this means binders of said material must be kept closed or kept under/behind the table when not being browsed. The display of NSFW content is not allowed in the Dealers Den; as such, all nipples and genitalia must be covered while on display.

Items of a racist, sexist, or otherwise hateful nature will not be permitted for sale in the Dealers Den or Night Market. This includes paraphernalia related to certain groups or political movements, or items intended to agitate and provoke.

Vendor tables and displays must not encroach on or impede other Vendors. Annoyances such as lights, loud music or sounds, and strong smells or fumes must be kept under your control. Larger powered equipment must be approved by Fur Squared and the convention center in advance.

No NFTs or AI-generated artwork.

Adult Material Rules

Adult-oriented displays and items are permitted in the Night Market so long as they do not present illegal content. Anyone inside the Night Market must abide by the rules presented in the Code of Conduct.

Depiction of minors, real or fictional, in adult situations is strictly prohibited, either on display or for sale. There are no exceptions to this rule, and such items may not be “kept out of sight but available”. This rule applies to both the general Dealers Den and the Night Market.


The responsibility to ensure proper copyright of merchandise rests entirely with the Vendors selling said merchandise. Fur Squared recommends that Vendors research and be aware of the legality of copyrights, trademarks, works of parody, and fan art. Artwork or merchandise that is known to be counterfeit is prohibited.

Bags / Backpacks / Carts

Attendees are not allowed to bring large roller bags or carts into the Dealers Den or Night Market, as they cause problems with traffic flow. Bluetooth speakers, excessive squeaker usage, or anything else that may be annoying to other attendees with sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch are also not allowed in the Dealers Den or Night Market.

Food & Drink

Attendees are not allowed to bring food into the Dealers Den or Night Market. Attendees may bring a drink in IF it is non-spillable: by definition, this means that it is only allowed if it could be turned upside down and nothing spills. Open cans, drinks with lids that don’t completely seal, etc do not count as non-spillable and will not be allowed. Staff and Vendors may bring food and drinks into the Dealers Den and Night Market.

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