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Dealer’s Den Hours & Schedule

Dealer's Den Schedule

After Hours

Please note that once the Dealers Den is closed for the evening, nobody will be allowed inside. As a general rule, even staff are not allowed inside the room after hours; the only exception would be a Dealers Den lead and only then if they are accompanied by a member of our Security team. Please double and triple check to make sure that you have all of your personal belongings with you when you leave; items such as personal ID, money, phones, etc. that you might need should not be left in the Den overnight.

Table Dimensions, Amenities & Pricing

Individual vendor spaces in the main (Regency Ballroom) and overflow (Juneau) Dealers Dens are six feet by six feet; this includes one table with dimensions of six feet by thirty inches and a space of 3.5 feet behind it. Two chairs and a basic tablecloth will be provided per table.

Night Market will be using the same space as Artists Alley (Oak) and as such individual vendor spaces for this area are six feet by five feet; this includes one table with dimensions of six feet by eighteen inches and a space of 3.5 feet behind it. Two chairs and a basic tablecloth will be provided per table.

Table Costs

Vendor Location Table Dimensions Cost
Dealers Den single table, 72” x 30” $100.00
Night Market single table, 72” x 18” $40.00

Note that there are no daily pricing options this year; all listed prices are for the duration of the Convention. Please also note that there are no half-table options at this time.

Dealers Den Setup & Teardown

The Dealers Den will be open for vendors only on Thursday afternoon from 6 PM until 11 PM, and early Friday morning at 8 AM before it opens to regular attendees at 10 AM. If you have already picked up your badge, carts and the hotel’s service elevator are available upon request.

Teardown and loadout will be on Sunday after the Dealers Den closes at 4 PM. Note that you will need to sign out with a member of staff before leaving to verify that your table and area is clear and that no trash is left behind.

Night Market Setup & Teardown

Night Market takes place in the same room as Artists Alley, taking the space over after dark. As such, setup and teardown will be on a nightly basis; you will have two hours after Artist Alley closes at 7 PM for setup before Night Market opens to the public at 9 PM, and you will have one hour after Night Market closes at 1 AM for teardown. Please note that you will need to make sure to completely clear your table and area each night and will need to sign out with a member of staff before leaving to verify that your table and area is clear and that no trash is left behind.

Vendors are allowed to leave early each night if they wish, but will still be required to sign out with a member of staff as noted above to ensure their table and area are clear.


Access to electrical outlets is limited but is available at no additional cost upon request. Staff will do their best to place you near the outlet bank as possible; please note that this will override any other placement requests. Per regulations, all extension cords and power strips must be grounded (three prong) and you are responsible for providing your own.

Table Sharing

Sharing your table with another vendor is allowed with prior approval. In this case, sharing is defined as allowing a person who is running a separate business to use part of your table space, independent from your own operation. If you would like to share your space with another vendor, please make a note in the Requests section of the application and provide the other vendor’s information and contacts; if you have already filed your application, please reach out via email for approval.

Once a sharing request has been made, Dealers Den staff will contact the vendor you wish to share with for tax information and any other required information. Upon final approval, the vendor you wish to share with may sign up as your “Assistant” and share your table space.

Note that sharing table space without prior approval is not allowed and is grounds for loss of vendor space. Requests to share vendor space must be made no later than two weeks prior to the start of the Convention. The primary dealer for a vendor space is responsible for their space and for ensuring Dealers Den rules and policies are followed by all vendors in it.


You are legally required to have a Tax ID in order to sell things in Wisconsin. If you are selected as a F2 Dealer, you will need a valid Tax ID in order to sell your wares at the convention. If you do not have a Wisconsin Tax ID already, you can apply for one directly at .

Payment, Cancellations & Refunds

Once you have received your email of approval, payment for your table is expected within seven days of notification. Please make this payment promptly, as failure to do so will result in your registration token being revoked and your spot being given to another vendor.

If you have already paid for your table and need to cancel for any reason, you may do so for a refund of your table cost (minus a 5% handling fee) until January 12, 2024. Any cancellation requests after that date will not be able to be refunded.

Note: Assistants need to purchase their own badges. Click here to learn how to add a Dealer Assistant


If you have submitted an application and were placed on the Waitlist, please remember to watch for emails from Dealers Den staff; in the case of a cancellation, vendors on the Waitlist may be contacted to fill the space. If contacted, you have seven days to confirm your interest and make payment. Once payment has been received, staff will proceed with placement.

Dealers Den staff will reach out to Vendors on the waitlist if there are any openings 3 days before the con; Vendors will have 24 hours to respond. Any tables forfeited before noon on Friday will, at staff’s discretion, be given to an available Vendor.

Badge Pickup

If you are picking up badges for yourself or your assistant, you may do so on Thursday outside Founders Room (headless lounge), right next to the main Dealers Den. If you are picking your badge(s) up on Friday, you will need to pick them up at Registration.

Shipping Items to the Hotel

For vendors that may want to ship merchandise directly to the hotel instead of having to travel with stock, the hotel can receive and hold packages. Please note that there is a flat holding fee of $7.39 per package; this will apply to all standard packaging, as well as larger packages such as pelican cases.

Pallets or skidded merchandise are only accepted via special arrangement and should not be shipped without prior communication and approval. Before shipping any palletized or skidded merchandise, please call +1 (414) 271-7250.

When shipping to the hotel, please make sure that the package label is addressed to the hotel address as listed below, and please make sure that the label includes your (or the recipient’s) name, arrival date, and reservation confirmation number. Finally, make sure to pay all fees and costs at the time of shipping as the hotel will not accept packages that are sent C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery).

The shipping address for the hotel is:

Hilton Milwaukee City Center
509 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Code of Conduct

Please review our Dealer Code of Conduct

Note that the above is an extension of our primary Code of Conduct.

Need Help?

Please contact with any questions, comments, or concerns. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

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