Salutations! For FurSquared 2022, the theme is “CONspiracy” and anyone can enjoy participation in celebrating this theme with costuming from your favorite kinds of conspiracy! Although the “Alternate Reality Game” (a.k.a. ARG) hosted this year will mostly focus on Eldritch Horror and those conspiring around a summoning of them to end the world, just about any conspiracy can be shared and enjoyed through art, costume and story! Tin foil hats, Men In Black, posters saying “Birds aren’t real!”, jokes about a faked moon landing and much more can be shared and enjoyed along with the usual goings-on for this lovely weekend!

As mentioned before, the con-wide ARG will be running all weekend! Feel free to stop by Registration or the Tabletop Gaming room at any time to pick up a sheet so that you can begin collecting clues to try and solve the mystery before the end of the convention!

For more info on how the ARG is played:
Join The Game!

Although we all love to have a good laugh about things, it’s important to keep in mind that we’re all friends here, so please make sure that your thematic participation focuses on “Punching Up” or “Sticking it to the man!” instead of being bigoted towards others in cruel or offensive ways. If you think that your idea has the potential hurt somebody’s feelings, then it’s better to be safe than sorry, and go for something else!