The year does not matter, citizens need not concern themselves with such details. The Corporations provide for all needs. Food, water, entertainment, thought. Work hard for the Corporation, and you will be comfortable. The world is full of technological wonders, and we have the Corporations to thank for this. Our cities are sprawling and prosperous. Everything is fine.

As the most prosperous/generous of the Corporations, we are hosting a grand convention to reward the good and loyal citizens, and you are invited! Come enjoy 3 days of relaxation and informative seminars. You will also be among the first to experience our latest technological marvel, the VRSona Project! Coming to you from the cutting edge in virtual and augmented reality, theVRSona Project allows for seamless integration between user and online avatar. Post a selfie with #Dr0neSquared to your social media and 13 lucky winners will be selected for a special prize!

Use Coupon Code #001 Loyalty with your friendly Con Glomerate representative at the convention to receive a complimentary compliment on us!

Join us.

The future is now. Reality Cubed.

Evening Newsfeed, contributed by Designated Journalist #37AQ:

Con Glomerate Megacorp began life as an entertainment company specializing in niche fandom gatherings and media. After shrewd investment in emerging augmented and virtual reality technologies paid off spectacularly, Con Glomerate bought out much of their competition and emerged as a dominant entertainment and advertising superpower.

Con Glomerate’s most popular event is the annual Reality Cubed convention, where they open their Greater Milwaukee District headquarters to all comers. It is an extravagant demonstration of Real, Augmented, and Virtual entertainment media and a celebration of fandom communities.

The highlight of this year’s Reality Cubed is the latest evolution of Con Glomerate’s “VRSona” technologies. Though the technology has been widely lauded as a new wave in entertainment and art, some critics allege that users are being transformed against their will into real-world representations of their virtual personas. Con Glomerate and independent scientists categorically refute this claim and any rumors of the so-called “Proteus Virus”.