FurSquared 2024 Registration

Please read the information on this page, then click the link at the bottom to register!

COVID-19 Information

Proof of vaccination for COVID-19 will no longer be required to attend FurSquared 2024, however we strongly urge everyone to keep their vaccinations up-to-date, especially when reformulated boosters become available to the general population this fall (2023). Additionally, while FurSquared encourages masks for all attendees in public and convention spaces, masks will not be required. FurSquared may amend this policy as necessary for the safety of everyone at the convention.

Further details about this policy can be reviewed on our dedicated COVID-19 policy page.

Registration Levels

Grants general admission to the convention Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Grants general admission to the convention Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
In addition, you get:

  • Access to our con suite for the duration of the convention.
  • Additional bonus goodies and swag.
  • This year’s t-shirt.

Super Sponsor:
Grants general admission to the convention Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
In addition, you get:

  • Access to our con suite for the duration of the convention.
  • Additional bonus goodies and swag.
  • Special super sponsor goodies and swag.
  • This year’s t-shirt.
  • A special super sponsor item.
  • An invitation to our Guest of Honor dinner.


Pre-registration ends on February 21, 2024 at 11:59PM. After this date, registration prices will switch to Walk-In pricing.

Level Pre-Registration Walk-In Registration
Attendee $70 $75
Sponsor $120 $130
Super Sponsor $170 $180
Poster $250 Not Available

Daily Badge Price
Friday $40
Saturday $40
Sunday $35

Super sponsors will not be eligible for refunds after a date to be determined. If you registered for a super sponsor and cannot make it to the convention, you may request a rollover for next year.

Parents wishing to attend with a minor: fear not, we got you!

Parent in tow badges can be supplied, please inquire at the door to receive one. For questions, please contact registration@fursquared.com

Check back here and/or follow us on social media for any updates that may come this way.

The file located below is for a Notary consent form for minors between the ages of 14-17 to attend the convention without an adult.

Get the parental consent form

Refund Policy

Refunds are handled depending on your badge level and when the request for a refund is made.

Attendee level badges: Full refunds are available any time before the convention.

Poster, Sponsor, and Super Sponsor level badges: Full refunds are available if the refund request was made on or before February 10, 2024. After that date, only a 50% refund will be issued except in special cases.

After the convention starts, all refunds will be denied except for special cases.

For more information or to request re-evaluation of an existing refund case, please email registration@fursquared.com.

Questions or Concerns?

Email us at: registration@fursquared.com
FurSquared thanks you for your patience.


What kind of ID is valid for checking in to get my badge during registration?

  • We require you to have a government issued ID that has your picture and date of birth on it along with legal first and last name. If you have changed your name the ID’s first and last legal names should match that what was submitted during your registration.

I’m under 18 or I’m bringing a minor. Do they need an ID as well?

  • If you are attending alone but have a signed consent form that was legally notarized, you will be fine, but you must have your consent form filled out by a legal notary. Failure to comply with notarizing the form will result in your registration being withheld until a guardian is present.

  • If you are a guardian accompanying the minor during the registration process, you can sign the consent form at the door and no ID for the minor will be required. They will still need to register if they are above the age of 13 but will not be required to show ID if the paid attending adult is with them during the registration process.

I am a parent accompanying my child to watch over them while they attend the convention. Is there a badge for that?

  • Yes, we do offer a Parent in Tow (“PIT”) badge for parents that are just attending to walk along with their children or minors. There must be at least one purchased attending badge in order to be given such a badge. Only one for each parent and you will be given the opportunity to name your parent in tow badge or you can keep it at the default PIT badge name.

I’m attending the convention and bringing someone under 13 years old. What do I need to do for their badge?

  • Similar to the Parent in Tow badge, you can also get one for kids 13 and under called a Kid in Tow (“KIT”) badge. There must be at least one purchased attending badge by the parent with their information submitted into registration to be given such a badge. Do not pre-register someone under 13 as we will have to redo the registration under the parent’s information.

I’m accompanying someone to the convention as a caretaker and I am required to be with them always. Do I get a caretaker badge?

  • FurSquared will happily assist with caretakers and their registrations. There must be at least one purchased attending badge by the person who is attending for themselves. Please reach out to registration@fursquared.com so we can assist you ahead of time.

Will there be daily badges for the weekend?

  • Yes, we will offer daily badges for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Help! I’ve lost my badge at the convention! What should I do?!?!

  • You will be required to head back to registration and purchase another level that you had previously purchased. Please clearly state that you require a reprint to staff when you arrive. A reprint will result in the cost of the level you had purchased prior. However, if you should find your badge after you have purchased a reprint, you may bring back the reprinted badge to registration and receive a refund of the reprinted badge. It will be destroyed and then you will receive a refund.

I’ve Read All This, Now Where Do I Register?

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